CEO, Sandrine Obadia, a French native, was trained as a caregiver and a Psychological help assistant. She is dedicated to helping seniors improve their life the best way possible. She's not only compassionate and extremely professional, but considers each patient a member of her own family. Sandrine is an Alzheimer specialist as well trained and experienced in other forms of dementia and mental disorders.



Director of Development, Douglas Obadia-Riou, also a French native, has over 20 years experience working with executive clients from all over the world and he has developed the ability to understand and meet the needs of clients. Finding the best solution in the shortest amount of time is his motto for success. Douglas's skills at taking care of the "corporate" side of the company complements Sandrine's passion for her patients.



General Manager, Shaun Noble, an American native, is a perfect balance to the founders of the company. Adapting the French philosophy of Quality of Life to the business needs of people here in the U.S, Shaun has been part of this extraordinary adventure from the start, and his advice and idea help us grow and succeed.