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Our caregiver has been working for my 90 years old father for the last 3 years. Her thoughtfulness and dedication to my father and her work are superior. She prepares marvelous vitamin packed soups that he can easily consume and is always varying his food choices so his nutrition is well rounded. She is a wonderful companion and his health has excelled under her watchful eye. He is up and walking at least 4-6 times a day, where he previously would sit most of the day in his favorite chair. She engages his mind in conversation, listening to music, watching old movies and cooking together. She is in touch with me on a daily basis keeping me informed of my father's well-being.

-D. (Porter Ranch)


Her integrity and reliability are excellent and she is one of the best I have ever employed. I highly recommend NewLife ElderCare.

-A. (Brentwood)


Your caregiver worked for our family until my grandmother passed away. She did a wonderful job as a caregive to her. She was knowledgable, caring, confident, during her last days which I know was not an easy task. We were very lucky to find her. I would recommend her.

-S.  (Beverly Hills)